American Horror Story: 1984 Makeup Artist May Have Spoiled a Major Plot Twist

With any season of American Horror Story there are twists and turns, but this season, American [...]

With any season of American Horror Story there are twists and turns, but this season, American Horror Story: 1984, has been one of the more complex ones. The horror slasher season started out in 1984 with a horrific night at Camp Redwood, but has bounced a bit around in time, first to 1970, the year of the original Camp Redwood massacre and last week to one year beyond the 1984 killings as well as 1989, five years later. While the preview for Wednesday's episode appears to be keeping things in 1989, no one ever really knows where the show will go next. However, fans may have just gotten a pretty big clue in what could be an accidental spoiler from a makeup artist on the series.

Fans on Reddit (via Cosmopolitan) recently came upon an Instagram Story from Carleigh Herbert, one of the makeup artists on American Horror Story: 1984 that the season has been nominated for Best Prosthetics in a TV Show and Best Period/Character Makeup in a TV Show. As part of her Story, however, she breaks down the specifics of what years and eras were covered and while some of those time frames are familiar, there are two that jump out as being time periods not yet covered in the season -- the 1940s and 2019.

If this post is accurate, it could be a big clue that a popular fan theory will end up being real. You see, even before American Horror Story: 1984 debuted fans were already suspecting that the season wouldn't actually take place in 1984 and would, instead, be a movie filmed in 2019 all along -- a twist similar to one in Roanoke. While that theory isn't the only explanation for how we might end up with a significant time jump this season, it is certainly an interesting one.

As for the 1940s reference, fans are already theorizing that it could be a reference to another "hidden chapter" of Camp Redwood, with some suggesting that the 1970 massacre might not be the only horrors the location has seen. Some suspect that it might even be revealed that Mr. Jingles or even Chef Bertie have histories with the camp prior to 1970, which could be what the 1940s era is about.

Whatever the timeline situation is, fans will find out soon. There are only three more episodes of the season left.

American Horror Story: 1984 airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.