'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' "Return to Murder House" Episode Will Have Longer Runtime

American Horror Story fans will finally get the eagerly-anticipated return to where it all began [...]

American Horror Story fans will finally get the eagerly-anticipated return to where it all began with the Murder House crossover on Apocalypse next week and it seems like they'll be getting more of it, too. The upcoming "Return to Murder House" episode will be longer than normal.

According to a report by The Wrap, "Return to Murder House" will be a 1 hour and 18 minute broadcast. That breaks down to 55 minutes and 1 second of episode runtime once you take out the commercials. Compared to the average episode runtime of 40 to 42 minutes, that's almost a full 15 extra minutes of the horror anthology series.

Why the extra time? Story-wise, anything is possible but "Return to Murder House" will see the return of many fan favorites, including Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott as Vivien and Ben Harmon as well as Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon. The return of the characters might just be reason enough to give fans a little more.

Lange is a huge favorite among fans of the FX series and was a prominent fixture during American Horror Story's first four seasons with Lange playing a leading role each time. In addition to Constance, Michael Langdon's grandmother, in Murder House, she also played Cordelia's (Sarah Paulson) mother and predecessor as Supreme Fiona Goode in Coven. Lange left the franchise after Freak Show and hasn't returned.

"Return to Murder House" is set to be big for more than just runtime reasons, too. The episode will see Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) arrive at the infamous Murder House as its new owners. The pair is on a mission to find out anything they can about Michael and his origins now that Cordelia is aware that the newly-minted next Supreme is far more than he appears. The episode will also be directed by Paulson and series creator Ryan Murphy previously shared a sweet picture of Lange and Paulson working together to his Instagram upon hitting 300 thousand followers in September.

"To celebrate 300k followers, here's a first look at the return of Queen Constance...the one and only Lady Lange...being directed by that dynamo of wit and talent Sarah Paulson," Murphy wrote. "Love them both!"

Are you excited for an extra 15 minutes of American Horror Story next week? Let us know in the comments below.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs Wednesdays on FX. "Return to Murder House" airs October 17th.