Walker Stalker Atlanta: 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Panel Recap

Jill Marie Jones, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Ted Raimi and Lee Majors are welcomed onto the [...]

Jill Marie Jones, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Ted Raimi and Lee Majors are welcomed onto the stage. Moderators ask about how much fun the cast has on the set of the show. They all agree that they have a great time.

Raimi: "All of us get to do things that people on most shows that dread and we love it. We get shot with blood and we're hanging from harnesses and fighting monsters. It's its own weird thing."

Raimi was then asked if he felt nostalgic going back to the world of Evil Dead.

"Not at first, but they recreated the basement from the cabin. I was there wearing my costume and Bruce Campbell was wearing his costume, and that's when I realized I've gone nowhere with my life. (Laughs)"

The moderators ask Lee Majors how he got involved in the show.

Majors: "First, I want to say how underrated and wonderful an actor Ted Raimi is. I think he should be getting more scenes than Bruce! Anyway, my Starz people called me and asked if I wanted to do the show and I had probably never seen the movies. I said, 'Lemme screen the first season.' I watched the whole first season and I wanted more. I had never done horror but it was so funny. I was laughing my butt off the whole time and I said, 'Yes, I'm in.'"

Lee, are you coming back for Season 3?

"You never heard it from me if I'll be back." (Nods head 'Yes' to audience)

Jones: "One of the first scripts leaked so I was only sent my sides, not the whole script. I thought it was a drama because of my lines and then I got to the first table read and everyone was making jokes and I realized I was in a comedy."

DeLorenzo: "You know you've made something special when the cast and crew is cheering and laughing at things they already knew were coming."

Santiago: "I do promise you that, in season 3, the evolution of Pablo will come full circle. You'll be able to see things a little differently in the new season."

The floor opens to fan questions.

Any scenes that made you question your life choices?

DeLorenzo: "Kelly got put through the ringer a bit so as the actor I got my butt kicked a lot. The finale of Season 1 when I'm in the rain at the cabin, it was 35 degrees. They had ice cold rain on me for days and blood coming and it was awesome. But it looks great in the end and the biggest challenges are the best in the end."

Santiago: "Maybe it was my birthing scene. Perhaps it was the scene where I lost my face or where I woke up in a box in the forest completely naked."

Majors is asked about playing Ash's dad.

"I had to get over him calling me Pop. After all of the action roles I've taken, this show is a piece of cake."

Santiago: "Everyone goes in an unexpected direction this season, so make sure to watch it."