Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot: Giles Actor Anthony Head Up To Return

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot has fans of Joss Whedon's vampire-killing heroine excited all [...]

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot has fans of Joss Whedon's vampire-killing heroine excited all over again. Since the Buffy reboot was announced, fans have naturally also been yearning to hear from the cast of the original series about any sort of return. Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar revealed she wasn't involved with the reboot, much to fans' disappointment - but other members of the Buffy cast seem more open to the experience. Angel actor David Boreanaz and Dawn actress Michelle Trachtenberg have both endorsed the reboot, while Spike actor James Marsters has said he'd be open to appearing in it. Now we have Rupert Giles actor Anthony Head weighing in, and he too is game to join the Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot effort!

Lauren Sarner of NYP got a chance to interview Anthony Head recently (about his new Netflix series The Stranger), and she did fans the big favor of getting Head's comments on the Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot. Head confirmed he's open to returning - though admits he doesn't know how he'd fit into the mix:

"Yes. I wouldn't know what as, because Giles has aged a little bit," he says. "Maybe I'm the head of the Watcher's council now. But to be honest, of course I would. It was so formative."

As the last bit of Head's comment suggests, the actor definitely still has a lot of reverence for Buffy, and seems to understand the series impact on pop-culture. As he also describes in the interview:

"[Fans still bring it up] quite a lot, actually," he says. "It does span the generations. I still don't understand how it never came away with any Emmys, or any of those awards. People [tell me] how much it meant to them at the time they were growing up, how it resonated, and bless them. They quite often say Giles was the father figure that was missing in their lives for various reasons. I think that's part of it's longevity. It hit home. It's quite remarkable."

In a funny little anecdote, Head recalls how Joss Whedon knew Buffy would be a hit, back when no one in the world thought it would be:

"When we did the pilot … [creator Joss Whedon] said, 'This is going to be a hit, and it's not going to be because the powers that be are behind it — they don't know what they've got. It's going to be something that is made a hit by word of mouth. People are just going to get it and tell each other. And that's exactly what happened."

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot is in development at Fox.