New Candyman Soundtrack Getting Vinyl Release Through Waxwork Records

Arguably just as famous if not more so than the events of the original 1992 Candyman was its score [...]

Arguably just as famous if not more so than the events of the original 1992 Candyman was its score from Philip Glass, so when it came time for director Nia DaCosta to find a composer for her take on Candyman, she enlisted Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe to craft a disturbing and discordant soundtrack. To celebrate the unsettling soundscape of the new film, Waxwork Records will be releasing Lowe's music on vinyl, which will be made available for pre-orders on their website beginning on Friday, August 27th at 11 a.m. CT. The soundtrack will also be available on CD and on digital. Candyman lands in theaters on August 27th.

Per press release, "Waxwork Records is proud to present the soundtrack to Candyman in multiple formats, including vinyl, CD, and digital. The deluxe 2xLP vinyl release features 180-gram colored vinyl, old-style tip-on gatefold jackets with satin coating and a built-in booklet page, liner notes by composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, a 12-page art gallery exhibition catalog, artwork by Sherwin Ovid and Julian Williams, and puppetry art by Manual Cinema."

The tracklist of the upcoming release is as follows (MINOR SPOILERS BELOW):

  1. Prologue
  2. The Sweet
  3. Troy Story
  4. Row Houses
  5. Graffiti
  6. Rows and Towers
  7. What's Candyman
  8. I Thought We Could - The Turn
  9. Joke Summoning
  10. End of Clive and Jerrika
  11. Brianna Finds Bodies
  12. Brianna Mirror Dream
  13. Helen Lyle Recordings - Library
  14. Elevator
  15. Frantic Painting
  16. You Should Say it
  17. End of Finley
  18. Genius Cycles Part I
  19. Genius Cycles Part II
  20. Brianna in the Studio
  21. The End of the Kids
  22. Anthony's Arm
  23. Got Taken
  24. Anthony Called to Row Houses
  25. Brianna Laundromat I
  26. Brianna Laundromat II
  27. Leaves a Stain
  28. William Chases Brianna
  29. End of Burke
  30. Brianna Says his Name
  31. Troy Story Reprised
  32. Cabrini Walk I
  33. Cabrini Walk II
  34. The Bridge
Candyman WW package 3_1200x1200
(Photo: Waxwork Records)

Further detailing Lowe's work, the press release describes, "The marriage of synthesis and the voice has allowed for a heightened physicality in the way of ecstatic music, both in a live setting and recorded. The sensitivity of analog modular synthesis echoes the organic nature of vocal expression, which in this case is meant to put forth a trancelike state. Lowe's works on paper tend towards human relations to the natural/magical world and the repetition of motifs."

"As of late Robert has also put more focus on composition for film, both in solo scoring and collaboration. Through collaboration Robert has worked with Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, Sabrina Ratté, Rose Lazar, Nicolas Becker, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Tarek Atoui, Philippe Parreno, Evan Calder Williams, Ariel Kalma, Susie Ibarra, YoshimiO, Alexandra Wolkowicz, Biba Bell, ADULT., Hildur Guđnadóttir, and Rose Kallal, as well as many others."

You can head to the Waxwork Records website on Friday, August 27th at 11 a.m. CT to pre-order your copy of the soundtrack. Candyman hits theaters on August 27th.

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