'Child's Play' Remake Launches Website With New Details on Killer Doll

As fans wait for our first official footage from the upcoming Child's Play remake, a new website [...]

As fans wait for our first official footage from the upcoming Child's Play remake, a new website has debuted which offers new details about the killer doll from the film.

The site claims, "Buddi comes equipped with a highly intricate cloud-backed voice recognition engine capable of identifying speech. Using sophisticated Kaslan algorithms, Buddi can comprehend inflection, tonality, and subtle variations in the human voice. Buddi learns both from human interaction via its 20 sensors and cameras which provide detailed real-time information about its environment. Buddi utilizes state of the art sensor designs which provide high-resolution image recognition and grip sensitivity. Buddi comes preloaded with the ability to fluently comprehend and converse in both English and Spanish with the option to expand via the Kaslan Language App."

While these details might offer little insight into what to expect in the upcoming film, it does offer an update on how deadly the killer doll can be and his levels of interaction. Given that this new film is taking a different route in the killer doll's origins than the original film, these details hint at the level of interaction we can expect from the killer.

In the original Child's Play, murderer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) suffered fatal gunshot wounds, using his last moments on earth to perform a voodoo ritual that imbued his spirit into that of a Good Guy doll, allowing him to continue his murderous methods in the body of the doll.

The site for the new film also featured a press release announcing the new toy.

"Hello, friends! At Kaslan, we believe that happiness is about more than just entertainment. It's about being known. Understood. Loved. It is our global mission to continue to create innovative and interactive products designed not only to educate and entertain, but to spread friendship across each and every household in the form of technological interconnectivity," the press release reads. "We at Kaslan take great pride in our unwavering focus to revolutionize technology in ways that positively impact the lives of friends across the world. And this, my friends, is our proudest moment. We've taken all of our research and learnings and applied them to create not only the most high-tech and interactive toy on the market, but a companion to be enjoyed by the whole family. Every child is important to us, and every child deserves a best friend, so we at Kaslan made it our top priority to build one."

It adds, "It is with immense enthusiasm and pride that I introduce to you our most cutting edge, technologically advanced Kaslan product to date. Introducing your new best friend, Buddi. Available for pre-order now, Buddi will be joining households across the world starting June 21, 2019."

Stay tuned for details on the Child's Play reboot, hitting theaters on June 21, 2019. You can head to BestBuddi.com to learn more about the doll.

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