Chucky Creator Says Child's Play Reboot Almost Ruined His Plans

When the 2019 Child's Play reboot was announced it came as a surprise to many fans that were aware the horror film franchise was still going. No one was more surprised about this though than Don Mancini, the screenwriter responsible for every entry in the film series and the director of the three most recent entries, who had previously expressed annoyance at the time over the idea. Now though he gets the last laugh as the reboot was not well received and his flagship franchise is expanding into television with a brand new TV show. Even with his own story getting to continue though he still remembers how that film felt like it could end it all had it been a success.

Speaking with about the new Chucky TV series, we asked Mancini if working on the show felt like reclaiming the character and the franchise back after the 2019 reboot (which he was not involved with). "I did, sure, because there was no way of knowing how that could impact what we've been doing for decades at Universal. And there was worry about it, it wasn't just me. It was also powers that be at the studio, like how much appetite is there going to be for this character? And if that movie had broken out, if it had been successful, then it could have harmed our plans. Fortunately, that didn't happen."

He continued, "Honestly, I'm at a point in my life where the main emotion I feel at junctures like that is just relief and gratitude that we got to make our show. Seems like people are liking it. All good. I don't bear any resentment particularly against any of the people involved in that movie. They were doing a job. Although the producers, maybe I can bear a grudge for a while longer."

Mancini went on to reveal that he hasn't seen the film either, and likely never will.

"I've not seen the movie because I just didn't want to. I just don't want to be distracted. That is just another thing. It's just this other version of my character out there, I don't want to be distracted or influenced by that."

Luckily the new Chucky TV show doesn't seem to pay that 2019 movie any mind, picking up just weeks after the events of the 2017 sequel Cult of Chucky while also playing with plot threads from throughout the 30+ year history of the franchise. In short, Mancini's Chucky is still our friend 'til the end.

Chucky premieres on SYFY and USA Network on Tuesday, October 12 at 10 PM ET.