Drag Me to Hell Star Teases Possible Future for His Character After Film's Tragic Finale

In 2009's Drag Me to Hell, banker Christine (Alison Lohman) is targeted by a curse when she fails [...]

In 2009's Drag Me to Hell, banker Christine (Alison Lohman) is targeted by a curse when she fails to give a woman a loan to keep her house, resulting in her being the victim of supernatural experiences. In the film's final moments, Christine suffers a tragic and surprising fate, made all the more horrific by her boyfriend Clay, played by Justin Long, being the only one to witness the terrifying event. This ending offered audiences a fulfilling end, but with the movie gaining a passionate following in the decade since its release, fans can't help but wonder what would happen to Clay. Long himself recently detailed that, were his character's future to be explored, Clay would have never recovered from witnessing the event.

"It's funny you say that because I remember leaving the screening when I first saw the movie and my manager, who was kind of like Jeremy Piven's character in Entourage a little bit, he had that energy, he was like, beaming, and I thought it was maybe just because the movie, because I was excited because I was like, 'Holy shit, this movie's so good,' and he goes, 'Sequel, baby! Gonna be a sequel!'" Long joked with ComicBook.com when asked about a sequel. "I think he was seeing the potential for, I don't know what, dollar signs maybe, so it was the first and really only time I thought about [a sequel]. And I think maybe [director] Sam [Raimi], I think we talked about it, like, setting you up for it. And I wonder, I always wonder if the movie had performed better would that have happened. But I never paid it that much more thought than that. So I certainly didn't think about what the character, I never gave it that much thought aside from obviously it would be cool to do."

He added, "He would probably, I don't know, if you witness something like that, you are forever changed. Thankfully, I don't have any frame of reference as to how."

Throughout most of the film, Clay was oblivious to the supernatural events that Christine was enduring, with her fate giving him an undeniable example of otherworldly forces. Long detailed how, having seen such an event, Clay's mental state would likely be shattered.

"He'd be a disaster," Long noted. "He'd be a mess. He'd be in an institution. And also he'd probably be accused of having killed her. I'm sure there'd be some sort of murder trial. And if that's his defense? Like, 'Oh, I saw her getting dragged to Hell.' He wouldn't be able to say that in court. He'd be put away. It's fun to think about."

The prospect of the sequel ignited even more interest in the prospect, with Long noting he would want Raimi and Lohman to join him on his podcast, Life Is Short.

"You're making me really want, because I've been doing this podcast, and I've been dying to have Sam on it," the actor admitted. "So now I'm thinking it'd be so fun to get Sam and Alison together just to talk about that movie, to talk about other stuff. I have to do that. I haven't thought about this movie in a while, but now I'm like, god, there's all these things I'm curious about."

Long even joked about the title, revealing it would be "Drag Me Out of Hell."

You can keep up with his podcast by heading to the Life Is Short with Justin Long official website.

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