Escape Room 2 Reportedly Pushed Back Even Further

One of this year's more surprisingly successful horror efforts is Escape Room, which resonated [...]

One of this year's more surprisingly successful horror efforts is Escape Room, which resonated strongly enough with critics and audiences to earn a sequel, which might have just been delayed from its August of 2020 release date a few months to November. According to Deadline, Escape Room 2 is now slated to land in theaters on November 30th, which could cause confusion as November 30, 2020 is actually a Monday. When the film was originally announced, it was set for April of next year, only to then be delayed to August. With no word on the film moving forward in recent months, it's possible that it has been pushed back further, instead landing on another date in November.

In the original film, an intriguing invitation bring six strangers together. Initially, they think they have gathered for a highly immersive escape room, but they soon make the sickening discovery that they are pawns in a sadistic game of life and death. Together, they move from one terrifying scenario to the next as they find clues and solve puzzles. But the players soon learn that exposing their darkest secrets may hold the key to survive.

Director Adam Robitel previously teased to what we could expect from the sequel.

"At the end of the day, it is about strangers in a room getting killed," Robitel shared. "There's a formula that can work. But you gotta work twice as hard each movie to reinvent the wheel but you also have to be mindful of giving the audience what they really liked about the first movie."

He added, "It's a tricky rope to walk, for sure. As you said, we did fire, we did ice, we did gravity, we did gas, so coming up with other ways to slice and dice the players is tricky because the last thing we want to do with the franchise is to rely on reverse bear traps and so forth. That was done so well with Saw and that's not our franchise. So yeah, it is challenging, but if there's a will, there's a way. I can't talk too much about it, but I think we have a cool way into the sequel that I think will be exciting and expands Minos mythology a little bit without going too far. We'll see, it is tricky."

Stay tuned for details on Escape Room 2, which will seemingly land in theaters in late 2020.

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