Evil Dead Reboot Director Details the Ash and Mia Team-Up Sequel He Wanted to Make

In the years since the release of 2013's Evil Dead, fans had hoped to see the continued adventures [...]

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In the years since the release of 2013's Evil Dead, fans had hoped to see the continued adventures of the rebooted universe, with director Fede Alvarez recently detailing what he had hoped to explore in a sequel where that film's hero, Mia, teamed up with Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams from the original trilogy of films. With Campbell having officially retired from the role and with teases about a new film in the franchise confirming that a new filmmaker has been enlisted, it would seem unlikely that the theoretical project would ever move forward, with Alvarez shedding new light on what he was planning on delivering audiences.

The 2013 film currently ends with Mia (Jane Levy) walking away from the cabin where she and her friends were targeted by a demonic presence, with Alvarez confirming to Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew podcast that he wanted to have Campbell's Ash appear to offer her a ride in his truck. The filmmaker noted that it was actually Campbell himself who shot down the idea, as there wouldn't have been an organic reason for his character to encounter Mia in the middle of nowhere.

Alvarez went on to note that the intention was always to have Mia and Ash team up with one another, but original director Sam Raimi's development of the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series caused complications with a potential sequel.

"Sam wanted to have Bruce back for the TV show that came out a few years after that," Alvarez revealed. "It was complex to make the movie at the time and whatever mythology we were going to create with them, and it would have been complicated for the show because Sam had his own ideas of what would happen to Ash, and he wanted to tell that story."

Not only would Ash and Mia have both confronted demonic forces and lived to tell the tale, but Alvarez had hoped to confirm that the two characters were actually related to one another.

Fans of the franchise will surely be disappointed that this avenue won't be pursued for a new film, but with Raimi and Campbell both still attached to the series as producers, when word comes of any continuation of the series at some point in the future, we can be relieved that the mythology is still in trusted hands.

Stay tuned for details on the Evil Dead franchise.

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