Fan Creates 'The Thing' Parody Of 'The Christmas Chronicles'

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus was the dream casting nobody knew they wanted until The Christmas [...]

Kurt Russell as Santa Claus was the dream casting nobody knew they wanted until The Christmas Chronicles made its way onto Netflix -- and now, fans are having some fun mashing up Russell's most famous roles with his take on the Jolly Old Elf.

Last time around, it was a Holly Jolly Escape From New York. This time? Well, let's just say things are headed back into the cold.

In the tweet below, you can see The Christmas Chronicles mashed up with The Thing, John Carpenter's horror classic, which is widely regarded as one of Russell's best performances.

The movie fits pretty seamlessly in with the Santa story, since it is set in snow-covered Antarctica. In that movie, a group of research scientists encounter a hellish alien threat that had long been buried in the snow.

The "trust no one" usd in the fake tagline is because The Thing can effectively impersonate those it has infected and killed, making the movie more than just another monster film; it dealt with themes of trust and paranoia, and how to survive in a desolate and unforgiving environment if everyone around you might be the thing most likely to kill you.

The petri dishes at the bottom of the poster are a nod to the only effective way of "outing" the monster for a good chunk of the movie -- by drawing blood from the suspected infected and subjecting the blood to fire. If the person is infected, the blood will recoil and retreat toward the larger host, not unlike the way the Venom symbiote would later react to fire in Marvel Comics.

Of course, this one hardly counts as a "fan photo." The image -- which also features a small, greeh "horror" sticker like the ones video stores used to use to help organize their collections -- comes from the Post Mortem Podcast, a show featuring Mick Garris (a character actor who appeared in a number of Stephen King adaptations and created the Masters of Horror series) and distributed by Blumhouse.

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