Final Destination: Lawyer Shares Which Film Tragedies Are Most Likely to Happen

For some of us it's impossible to drive past a log truck or ride on a roller coaster without thinking of the Final Destination film franchise. In the horror series its victims aren't stalked by a guy in a mask but by death itself, whose calculating hand comes up with wild and creative ways for everyone to meet their end. All that in mind, law firm Downtown LA Law Group has published an infographic compiling the many ways that characters were injured or died in the franchise and compared them to data for accident causes that have resulted in Emergency Room visits in the US (compiled from last year's data). Check it out below!

  1. Ladder-related injury 4,162  (Final Destination 2 – eye gouged out by a falling fire escape ladder)
  2. Scaling/moving fences 2,121 (Final Destination 5 – cut in half by a metal fence)
  3. Lifting weights 930 (Final Destination 3 – crushed by weights)
  4. Scolded with oil 335 (Final Destination 5 – oil truck spill)
  5. Lawn Mower accidents 229 (The Final Destination – rock shot through eye socket by a lawn mower)
  6. Escalator malfunctions/trips (The Final Destination – caught in escalator gears – 211)
  7. Shot with a nail gun 160 (Final Destination 3 – shot by a nail gun)
  8. Roller coasters accidents 14 (Final Destination 3 – roller coaster crash)
  9. Barbecue burns 10 (Final Destination 2 – barbecue explosion)
  10. Tanning bed burns 1 (Final Destination 3 – tanning bed set on fire)

"When looking for film franchises which highlight the wacky and strange ways people can get injured, you don't need to look any further than Final Destination," Farid Yaghoubtil, Senior Trial Attorney at Downtown L.A Law Group said. "Delving into the deaths across the entirety of the franchise though, even I was surprised at just how creative and imaginative the teams working on the films had been..,.The purpose of the research was to establish how, even though a lot of the casualties in the films are very strange, being injured is something that can happen at any time, and can also happen in extremely unusual circumstances. Looking at the NEISS data, this is certainly true – our hope is that the research will remind people to take care of themselves in every situation."

The group also compiled the Ten Most Causes of Injury/Death and how many times they're depicted in the Final Destination franchise, with this table detailing how wild and unlikely some of the very common deaths in the franchise actually are.

  1. Falling – 125,821 real life injuries – 3 Final Destination deaths
  2. Cut/laceration – 56,614 real life injuries – 4 Final Destination death
  3. Burned/incinerated/melted – 6,396 real life injuries – 5 Final Destination death
  4. Shooting – 1,652 real life injuries – 4 Final Destination deaths
  5. Crushing – 1,206 real life injuries – 36 Final Destination deaths
  6. Impaled/stabbed – 710 real life injuries – 10 Final Destination deaths
  7. Explosions – 443 real life injuries – 398 Final Destination deaths
  8. Drowning/water related – 189 real life injuries – 2 Final Destination deaths
  9. Roller Coaster – 14 real life injuries – 7 Final Destination deaths
  10. Strangulation – 3 real life injuries – 1 Final Destination death

It has been over ten years since the last Final Destination movie was released with talks of a reboot or another sequel arriving every couple of years. Now it would appear the current plan is for the film to have a screenplay by Lori Evans Taylor (Bed Rest) and Guy Busick (Ready or Not, Scream 2022) and produced by Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts. The plan is also for it be released on HBO Max.