'Glass' Cut a Scene With James McAvoy Singing a Drake Song

When it comes to the Eastrail 177 trilogy, James McAvoy plays Kevin Wendell Crumb, somebody who [...]

When it comes to the Eastrail 177 trilogy, James McAvoy plays Kevin Wendell Crumb, somebody who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Through his DID, Crumb has upwards of 24 different personalities residing in his psyche at any given time.

One of those identities — Hedwig — is quite the fan of the music, leading McAvoy to push M. Night Shyamalan and company to keep a scene of his character singing (and dancing) along to a song by hip-hop mogul Drake into the film. Speaking with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, McAvoy revealed the scene was eventually cut because of budgetary reasons.

"There was a moment I sang a little bit of Drake and there were some proper good moves in that bit," McAvoy recounted. "I was like 'This is a really good bit. This is my dance bit but I'm singing Drake.' I was like 'Should we do a bit where I don't sing Drake?' because Drake's not going to give us this song for nothing."

I was thinking Drake's going to want half a million and you're not going to want to pay it or Universal or Disney or all three of you aren't going to want to pay it and this cool bit is going to get cut," he continued. "And that's what happened."

As for McAvoy himself, the Hollywood star isn't all too big of a music fan. Though he appreciates Hedwig's dedication to the craft, McAvoy doesn't fancy music that much himself.

"Yeah, I can appreciate it. Do you know what? I'm just not big on music at all," McAvoy admitted. "I'm really not. I know it's like a feeling. The only time I ever feel like I rely on music is when I'm tidying the house and I generally play the same playlist by Jamiroquai, which is pretty great for tidying."

Glass won the box office again this weekend, hauling in upwards of $20 million in its second weekend at the box office. In total, the movie has grossed over $162.6 million worldwide, with 45% of that ($73.5m) coming domestically.

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Glassis in theatres now.