New 'Glass' Trailer Released

After multiple teases debuting this week, fans have finally got an all-new trailer for Glass, depicting our heroes (or are they villains?) in action. Check out the trailer above!

2017's Split offered audiences one of the more enjoyable thrillers of the year, as it not only was a compelling thriller in its own right, but also revealed itself as a continuation of what Unbreakable set up in 2000. The latter film drew heavy inspiration from the superhero genre, though Split and the upcoming Glass lean more heavily into the horror genre.

"For me, they're almost a different genre, what we're doing with Split, Unbreakable, and Glass," Shyamalan shared with ComingSoon. "These are primarily thrillers and they're very much more contained. They're not CGI driven, they're very simple and clean. The musculature that [comic book] movies have are not what we're trying to do. The idea of what you don't see is really what we're insinuating, it's the power of that."

The film might be more thrilling in tone, but it won't be without its comic book connections. In true superhero fashion, each character has an alias, which teasers for the film have confirmed this week. Willis' David Dunn is referred to as "The Overseer," as his abilities allow him to see the various criminal activities anyone he touches have been involved with.

Unbreakable featured Jackson's character referring to himself as "Mr. Glass," as the title of this film implies, though another teaser referred to him as "The Mastermind," more likely referring to his role in the film's narrative as opposed to a codename. In Split, McAvoy's villainous alter ego referred to itself as "The Beast."


Fans can check out all three of these characters when Glass hits theaters on January 18, 2019.

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