'Halloween' Includes Original Movie's Ending, but With a Twist

The new Halloween movie from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride made plenty of paid homage to [...]

The new Halloween movie from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride made plenty of paid homage to John Carpenter's original film in many ways, but perhaps the most exciting for fans was the inclusion of its iconic ending. This time around however, the filmmakers put a brand new spin on the popular climax of the original.

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Halloween! Continue reading at your own risk...

The ending of the first movie shocked audiences in 1978 when the suddenly realized that the horror of Michael Myers was far from over. After getting shot by Dr. Loomis, Michael falls from a second story window and is seen on the ground below, looking completely lifeless. At that moment, everyone in the film and in the audience believed that the monster had actually been killed. However, when Laurie went back to the window to look, Michael had suddenly disappeared from sight, revealing that he was still on the loose.

In the new movie, the exact same scene happens in the third act, except this time, the roles are reversed.

Michael tracks Laurie's family to her booby-trapped house in the woods and tries his best to kill her. The fight between the two characters goes upstairs into one of the bedrooms, where Michael gets the edge and stabs Laurie, just before pushing her out the window. You see Laurie hit the ground, completely still.

In this moment, just about every die hard Halloween fan knew what was about to happen, as it had been set up so perfectly by the original movie. When Michael walks to the window and looks down to see his mission finally accomplished, there's nothing on the ground bu broken glass. Laurie Strode is nowhere to be found.

This scene is a nearly shot-for-shot remake of the ending to the original, but it didn't serve as the finale for the new movie. Laurie eventually comes back around when Michael is least expecting it, facing her rival head-on. Fortunately, no one has to wait for the sequel to find out if Laurie actually lived or died from the fall, like audiences did with Michael back in 1978.

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Halloween is now playing in theaters.