Jamie Lee Curtis Wraps Filming on 'Halloween' Sequel

Little more than two weeks after announcing that she was on set of the upcoming Halloween sequel, [...]

Little more than two weeks after announcing that she was on set of the upcoming Halloween sequel, Jamie Lee Curtis has taken to Instagram to announce that her portrayal of Laurie Strode has come to an end.

In a goodbye post, the actress sends her best wishes to a variety of local businesses in Charleston, South Carolina, where the film has been shooting since earlier this year.

Given how briefly Curtis was on set, many fans are wondering if this means that Laurie doesn't last long in the sequel.

One worried fan left a comment on the photo, "Does this mean filming is done for good or just moving to a different location !!! Please please don't tell me that they killed Laurie off already !!!!!"

Another commenter stated, "They better not kill her off again!!"

"Hopefully she doesn't die soon in the movie and we get a trailer soon!" pleaded one fan.

Films often shoot out of sequence, so there's no immediate reason to be alarmed, but her brief time on set does hint that she won't necessarily be the film's main character, possibly with her daughter, played by Judy Greer, or granddaughter, played by Andi Matichak, becoming the focus of the film.

One of the recurring themes of the films is that Michael Myers stalks teens for various reasons, so it would make sense that the younger member of the Strode family becomes the newest target.

This new chapter in the Halloween series has raised a few flags for devout fans, as Curtis' character died in Halloween: Resurrection. Co-writers Danny McBride and David Gordon Green have revealed that this film will ignore all films in the franchise but the original, allowing the filmmakers to create their own mythology.

As it wasn't established until Halloween II that Michael's main motivation was to kill family members, this upcoming film could erase that concept entirely, allowing McBride and Green to create an all-new justification for Michael's killings.

The new Halloween sequel lands in theaters on October 19.

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