Hannibal Creator Promises No One Has Given Up on Season 4

Fans of horror television suffered a big loss when NBC axed Bryan Fuller's Hannibal back in 2015. [...]

Fans of horror television suffered a big loss when NBC axed Bryan Fuller's Hannibal back in 2015. The TV re-imagining of Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter saga was more captivating and artistically sophisticated than anything seen in films like Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal, and fans of the series have never given up hope that it could make a return.

Well, clearly Hannibal never got the kind of resurgence that other TV series with passionate cult followings have been blessed with - but that doesn't mean fans should give up hope. In a new social media convo, Bryan Fuller himself rekindled fan hopes that Hannibal could one day make its return:

"No one has given up! I've made it clear I want to do it, the cast wants to do it and Martha wants to do it. We just need a network or a streaming service that wants to do it, too. I don't feel there's a clock on it or an expiration date for the idea. We just need someone to bite."

Fuller posted that response on Twitter, after a fan used the occasion of the season 2 finale of current hit serial killer series, Killing Eve, to push for that Hannibal revival, once again:

The reason why so many Hannibal fans are so eager to get that long-awaited season 4 is due to how the show wrapped. Season 3 of Hannibal finally pushed into the realm of Thomas Harris' most famous books, taking an alternate approach to the first Hannibal Lecter story, Red Dragon, which also marked the first appearance of series protagonist, Will Graham. Next on deck was the most famous Harris story of all, Silence of the Lambs, and fans were chomping at the bit to see how Fuller and the cast would make that story unfold.

As Fuller teased in his tweet, it just takes one of the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) to commit to making the next season and reviving the show. The serial killer thriller TV genre has been good to streaming, with Netflix seeing nice gains from shows like The Killing, The Fall, and most recently You - all of which were rescued from networks that were dumping the shows, or (in the case of The Fall) imported from overseas. You're telling me those shows get a chance, but Hannibal can't?

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