'Happy Death Day' Blu-ray Includes Original, Darker Ending

Happy Death Day's home release includes the film's original ending, cut from the film following [...]

Happy Death Day's home release includes the film's original ending, cut from the film following its rejection by test audiences.

The horror thriller follows college student Tree (Jessica Rothe), who keeps re-living — and re-dying — the same day over and over again, like a spin on Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow.

How she dies varies, but the day, her birthday, always ends with the same result: Tree dies and awakes that same morning in a bed that's not her own.

She's the only one who remembers each night of her death, usually at the hands of a mysterious masked killer donning the guise of her university's baby-faced mascot.

In the as-is ending — spoilers — Tree discovers her killer is scorned roommate and nurse Lori (Ruby Modine). Tree kills Lori after a scuffle, closing the seemingly endless loop. Tree walks away with a new-found sense of self and a boyfriend, making for a happy ending.

The original ending took a darker turn: Tree kills Lori and wakes up in the hospital, where a masked nurse injects something into her IV.

"Excuse me," Tree asks, "what are you doing?"

"It's for the pain," the nurse says.

"Oh, the doctor said no pain medication," Tree says.

"Not your pain, Theresa," the nurse tells her, removing the mask. "Mine."

The nurse reveals herself to be Stephanie Butler (Laura Clifton), wife of Dr. Butler (Charles Aitken), who Tree had been having an affair with.

"Did you really think you'd get away with screwing my husband?" Butler says as Tree's heart rate begins to slow.

"You gotta be kidding me," Tree says, right before she flatlines. End.

"Wow, what a buzzkill," writes one YouTube commenter.

"This would totally ruin the movie," adds another. "Yeah, that's not good," writes another user. "Glad they removed it."

The consensus has it: the theatrical ending is the preferred version — and it allows for a sequel.

Happy Death Day proved itself a major hit for Universal Pictures and Blumhouse, producers behind the popular Purge and Insidious series as multiple Academy Award nominee Get Out.

Happy Death Day is now available to own on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray.

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