House of Wax Remake Getting Collector's Edition Blu-ray

Debuting in the mid-2000s, a time in which classic horror movies were getting remakes, 2005's [...]

Debuting in the mid-2000s, a time in which classic horror movies were getting remakes, 2005's House of Wax wasn't initially a hit with either devout fans or general audiences, but in the 15 years since its release, it's found a more passionate following, who will surely appreciate that Scream Factory is releasing an all-new Collector's Edition Blu-ray. While the full details of the release have yet to be detailed, Scream Factory confirms this release will feature a new transfer of the film, as well as a new interview with star Paris Hilton. The new House of Wax Collector's Edition Blu-ray is slated to hit shelves on July 13th.

Scream Factory describes the film, "Thrills and chills ooze all over you in House Of Wax, from Dark Castle Entertainment and legendary horror producers Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis (Ghost Ship, House On Haunted Hill). When their car breaks down on a road trip, six college friends are sidetracked into an eerie backwoods town. Curiosity gets the better of them when they are intrigued by its macabre House of Wax. They soon find out that the town is not what it seems, and that they must find their way out before they fall victim to its ghoulishly inventive killers."

While the film made a number of deviations from the original Vincent Price-starring iteration of the story, writers Chad and Carey W. Hayes made it a point not to be influenced by the source material when crafting their own take on the concept.

house of wax blu ray scream factory
(Photo: Scream Factory)

"We just really wanted to be different and also just incorporate more of a youth-type vibe into the movie, and create the conflict," Carey previously detailed to "It's like even when you have conflict amongst yourselves, you've got to stick together and go against your common enemy. But at the core of that, it's really the relationship between the brother and the sister, family sticking together in all that peril. But it was such a fun type of thing."

He added, "I think, personally, that it wasn't the big box office smash is Paris Hilton got to do her first movie, but most of her fans were under R-rated age at that time. So you didn't get a big, huge fan base. And also, her fan base isn't big, huge horror fans."

Chad continued, "There has become a really interesting awareness of House of Wax. It continues to do incredibly well on pay-per-view, or when people want to download it and stuff like that. And I think it's one of those just fun movies. When we set out to write these things, we try to write them as a roller coaster ride, so you know when you go to the theater, you're going to get scared. You don't know when. It's like you strap in your seat of the roller coaster, and tick, tick, tick, tick, you're going up to that first big turn or that big drop. And you try to do that in those kinds of films, and it just makes it really fun."

The House of Wax Collector's Edition Blu-ray hits shelves on July 13th.

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