'IT' Fan Sneaks Pennywise Into His Sister's Engagement Photos

It seems that Pennywise The Dancing Clown becomes a pop-culture icon with every new version of Stephen King's IT that we get (book, TV movie, feature film), and it's certainly been the case with this 2017 movie.

Even now, over a month after IT's release in theaters (at the time of writing this) Pennywise is still making pop-culture headlines, such as when SNL recently used the character in a popular politics-skewing sketch - or this hilarious real-life instance, where a fan used Pennywise for the ultimate prank on his sister!

As you can see below, comedian / Buzzfeed show host writer Jesse McLaren generated quite the Twitter buzz when he shared a gallery of the engagement photos he shot for his sister - with Pennywise The Clown hiding in the background!

The epic photo-bomb scheme generated such enthusiastic reaction from the Twittersphere that Buzzfeed's 'AM to DM' show actually ran a poll asking if McLaren's sister should use the photos. You can see the overwhelming verdict for yourself, below:

The big question is whether or not McLaren's sister has the same sense of humor as her brother - enough so to find this questionable desecration of her happy occasion funny. Well, a response that the the comedian shared to Instagram, seems to indicate that humor runs in the family:


If nothing else, it's good to see people once again embracing this murderous monster clown / alien entity again. That Pennywise is truly timeless...

IT: Chapter 2 is already slated for September 6, 2019 release. IT: Chapter 1 is speculated to hit digital download sometime in December.