Jason Blum Won't Do a Get Out Sequel Without Jordan Peele

The Academy Award winning horror movie Get Out became a cultural landmark after its release, making a splash in pop culture unlike many other mainstream horror movies in recent years. From the mind of Jordan Peele, the film spawned Sunken Place discussion, "Voting for Obama a third time" memes, and even its own viral challenge online, but it's unlikely to ever spawn a sequel. Producer Jason Blum previously confirmed that Peele had no intention of making such a movie anyway, but in a new interview he says he wouldn't make one without him.

“I would do it in a second,” Blum told Bloody Disgusting. “But it’s totally up to Jordan [Peele]. I don’t think he has any plans for it. I would love to make more Get Out movies but he… let me say that really specifically: I would love to make more Get Out movies with Jordan...If anyone else wanted to make a Get Out movie I would not be interested. And Jordan right now is not doing any more Get Out movies. So there will not be another Get Out of anything, any kind."

It would be expected by almost everyone that a horror movie as successful as Get Out, which made over $255 million worldwide from a production budget of $4.5 million, would spawn a franchise and Peele has previously said he was considering a follow-up.

"I can tell you I will definitely seriously consider it," Peele told THR in 2018. "I love that universe and I feel like there is more story to tell. I don't know what it is now, but there are some loose ends."

A few months before this, Peele told Deadline that if a sequel was meant to happen that he knew it would and that he was open to figuring it out, but that disappointing the fans of the first movie was reason enough not to and he wasn't interested in doing it "for the cash."

In the time sense, Peele has seemingly made up his mind completely about an official sequel to the movie that nabbed him his Best Original Screenplay Oscar. For fans disappointed by this, they should keep in mind that Peele has two more movies on the way, and previously teased a connection between Get Out and his 2019 horror movie Us, telling The Guardian:


“Without answering directly if they’re in the same universe, I will say that, yes, I consider this part of the same project.”

Peele has signed an exclusive deal with Universal Pictures and will make his next two feature films from his Monkeypaw Production banner at the studio.