Jigsaw Meeting Another Horror Icon "Doesn't Really Fascinate" Actor Tobin Bell

Thanks to the rise of superhero franchises, fans have begun to expect studios to bring multiple [...]

Thanks to the rise of superhero franchises, fans have begun to expect studios to bring multiple iconic franchises together to pit their characters against one another in hopes of doing twice the business. With Freddy vs. Jason in 2003 and the Alien vs. Predator films, horror fans have wondered what the next villainous showdown could be. Star of the Saw series Tobin Bell, on the other hand, couldn't be less interested in whether his "Jigsaw" will go up against another serial killer in a future project.

"This question comes up because people are fascinated by Freddy Krueger and, you know, the chainsaw guy, and I'm not terribly familiar with their backstories, or with those franchises, so I don't know where the connection might be," Bell told ComicBook.com about a potential horror crossover. "But, are people fascinated with that kind of thing."

As if the idea of his killer going up against another horror icon wasn't confounding enough, the star was even surprised to discover his character was considered an "icon."

"The first time, frankly, somebody said that to me, which was years ago, I didn't know what the f-ck they were talking about. 'What do you mean?'" Bell recalled of his first time being labeled an icon. "I'm an actor, I create characters."

He added, "That whole icon thing is created in the minds of viewers, that's not my job. And so, when somebody said that I was like, 'Really? Did you say icon?'"

Bell used an example of another one of cinema's most famous serial killers to elaborate his point.

"It doesn't really fascinate me or interest me to try to put [John Kramer] up against Hannibal Lecter. Although it comes up all the time, people ask that question a lot. 'Geez, wouldn't it be cool if...?'" Bell admitted. "I got my hands full just trying to make John Kramer interesting as a human being. And the rest, that's in somebody else's hands."

In the early days of monster movies, some of these icons came together, such as in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. These older icons were much more of interest to Bell than modern horror figures.

"You mentioned [Frankenstein's Monster], who hadn't even come to my mind, but, you know, here's a guy who gets created out of electrical impulses, and you know, what was then cutting-edge science and voltage and stuff like that, and here John is a mechanical engineer, and he's creating a world that is pretty basic in a certain way, and...that's about as much as I can say about that," Bell explored. "But you've kind of got my mind, you've gotten my mind working."

You can see Bell in Jigsaw, which is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD.