Day of the Dead Star Joins Audiobook Cast of George Romero's The Living Dead

Filmmaker George Romero has had such an impact on the horror genre that his legacy is continuing [...]

day of the dead movie arm scene lori cardille
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Filmmaker George Romero has had such an impact on the horror genre that his legacy is continuing after his 2017 passing, thanks in large part to the novel The Living Dead, which author Daniel Kraus helped complete. As if the existence of a new zombie epic from the mind of Romero isn't exciting enough, the upcoming audiobook is set to feature the vocal talents of Lori Cardille, who fans of the filmmaker might remember as the star of 1985's Day of the Dead. Cardille isn't the only horror veteran who will be involved in the audiobook, as The Lords of Salem's Bruce Davison will also be participating in the project. Both the physical book and audiobook will be available on August 4th.

The book is described, "Spread across three separate time periods and combining Romero's biting social commentary with Kraus's gift for the beautiful and grotesque, the book rockets forward as the zombie plague explodes, endures, and finally, in a shocking final act, begins to radically change."

"As one of George Romero's leading ladies in his Living Dead trilogy, I am thrilled and honored to give my voice to this book," Cardille shared in a statement about the opportunity, per Bloody Disgusting. "And given our preoccupation with deadly viruses these days, I wouldn't be surprised to see George come back from the grave and lead a parade of zombies down Fifth Avenue. The Living Dead is George at his best. He would be so happy to know that Daniel Kraus was able to complete his vision."

Davison added, "The frightening metaphor couldn't be more timely and fear will burrow its way into your waking dreams. Shelter in place…they're here."

Back in 1968, Romero delivered audiences what he likely didn't realize would change the entire landscape of the zombie subgenre with Night of the Living Dead. Between their lumbering gait and appetite for human flesh, Romero helped establish the foundation of what it means to be a zombie, a concept which many projects still embrace to this day.

Part of what makes this new project in a medium Romero hadn't often explored is that its narrative won't be limited by budget, with he and Kraus' only limits having been their imaginations.

Grab the novel or audiobook of The Living Dead on August 4th.

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