Lovecraft Country Finale Spoilers and Ending Explained

Tonight marked the first season finale of Lovecraft Country, which saw an end to a season that was full of monsters, magic, time travel, and more. After acquiring the Book of Names, Leti (Jurnee Smollett) and Atticus (Jonathan Majors) were transported to a realm in which they spoke with Tic's mother, great-grandmother, and ancestor Hannah. The dead informed them of what needed to be done before the family set out to stop Christina (Abbey Lee) during the autumnal equinox. Multiple characters did not survive and some big spells were cast. You can read how it all unfolded below. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The family arrived in Ardham and set up their plans to stop Christina. Unfortunately, they end up missing a key ingredient: Christina's blood. They thought Ruby (Wunmi Mosaku) had acquired it, but Ruby was actually Christina in disguise. She caught Ruby trying to take her blood, killed her (or at least put her in a coma), and used the body-swap potion to take her form and trick everyone. Christina (as Ruby) and Leti fight and Christina throws Leti off of a high tower. It appears that she's dead, but we find out another protection spell was used to keep her from harm.

Christina begins the ritual and slices Tic open. The spell seems to be working as Leti reappears and stabs Christina but it's too late, she's become immortal. They realize in order to stop Christina and complete the spell provided by the Book of Names, they need to combine her and Tic together. That's when Ji-Ah (Jamie Chung) uses her Kumiho tentacles to grab hold of both Tic and Christina and Tic's plan is revealed. He had always planned on dying in order for them to take the magic away from not only Christina, but all white people.

The episode ends with Leti, Ji-Ah, Montrose (Michael K. Williams), and Hippolyta (Aunjanue Ellis) carrying Tic's body while a voiceover of Tic's letter to Montrose is heard. Tic explains that you can't be truly happy without experiencing grief and hopes Montrose will be the father to his unborn child that he was unable to be for him.

After Christina's plans were thwarted, she was left trapped under a boulder. Dee (Jada Harris) shows up with her new pet Shoggoth in the final scene and uses her new mechanical arm to crush Christina to death.

We're definitely left wondering if there will be a second season of the series and how they will proceed without Jonathan Majors and Wunmi Mosaku. However, now that Leti holds so much power, maybe we'll get to see them again!


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