New Wrong Turn Sequel Gets First Poster

If you take the wrong turn at Albuquerque, you could in theory end up in West Virginia, the setting for each of the entries in the backwoods horror franchise Wrong Turn. The next entry in the series was officially revealed to be in the works last year with production wrapping on the feature just a few weeks ago. Now we have a few updates about the latest sequel, which will be the seventh entry in the horror franchise when it debuts.

As revealed by Bloody Disgusting, the first poster for the new film has arrived online, offering a tease of what we can expect from this new reboot of the property and confirming that it will be titled Wrong Turn: The Foundation. The official title plays directly into the plot of the film too, which is described as once again following a group of back-packing teenagers who venture into the West Virginia mountains. There they will encounter a community of mountain folk that have made their home in the hills for generations. Naturally, this group isn't fond of newcomers.

(Photo: Constantin Film)

Matthew Modine of Stranger Things and Full Metal Jacket will star in the film alongside the likes of Emma Dumont (The Gifted), Damian Maffei (Haunt), Bill Sage (We Are What We Are), and Valerie Jane Parker (Greenleaf).

Franchise creator Alan McElroy is returning to the series having written the script for the film which has The Domestics director Mike P. Nelson stepping behind the camera. Sequels in the series went on to explore a number of different reimaginings of the core concept, with the film always utilizing backwoods killers. After the initial film, the series leaned into the absurdity of the premise and delivered laughs alongside its scares. This new reboot sounds like it will be a more straightforward approach to the concept and likely stray aware from humor.


Producer Robert Kulzer previously said, “Alan’s re -interpretation of his own work and Mike’s vision are a frightening reflection of our world today: one person’s American dream is another’s worst nightmare.”

What are you hoping to see from a reboot of the Wrong Turn franchise? More importantly, how do you think they'll conceive of a way for the main characters to not have working cell phones for the film's duration? Sound off with your thoughts about this and the official poster in the comments below!