Preacher Season 4, Episode 3 Sneak Peek: Herr Starr Is Still a Stud Despite His Scars

Throughout the first three seasons of Preacher, Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) has managed to survive a [...]

Throughout the first three seasons of Preacher, Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) has managed to survive a number of violent encounters. Unfortunately for the powerful member of the Grail, he doesn't always escape these encounters unscathed, as each conflict seems to result in a permanent disfigurement. The fourth season of the series doesn't see that trend concluding, as he still manages to narrowly escape death, amassing grotesque battle scars as evidence of these conflicts. In an exclusive sneak peek of this week's episode, Starr seeks validation that he's still attractive, despite his intimidating wounds. Check out the clip above and tune in to the new episode of Preacher this Sunday on AMC.

In the third episode, "Deviant," in her head first attempt to rescue Cassidy, Tulip may have bitten off more than she can chew, and she must reckon with the most terrifying thing she can imagine: psychiatric care. As his hopes of escape fade, Cassidy reflects on decisions he made one hundred years ago. Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers is closing in on Jesse.

Preacher also stars Dominic Cooper, Academy Award nominee Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun, along with series regulars Ian Colletti, Graham McTavish, Julie Ann Emery, Noah Taylor, Mark Harelik, and Tyson Ritter. As the series inches closer to the finale, God's endgame for the universe begins to click into place. Trapped between heavenly prophecies, hellish prisons, and all-out nuclear war, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy make their bloody way to the Most High. Whether they can reach God in time — or whether all this carnage is part of His divine plan — will soon be revealed as Preacher barrels towards the end of the world.

The fourth season also serves as the series' final season, with star Cooper previously revealing how this season brings with it a bigger sense of urgency.

"I went to the writers' room early on and saw they had, just as you said, they had the freedom to push everything further, and therefore they had the real responsibility, they just had to go for it," the actor shared with "There couldn't be any of that lethargy or sitting around, or having those scenes where we're waiting around for something to happen. It was all happening, everything, from everyone's perspective. And each and every script that came through, you could understand why. It felt like it was the same show with more adrenaline. They must have found it hard to give each and every character the equal weights they deserved, and they seem to have done that."

Tune in to the new episode of Preacher this Sunday, August 11th on AMC.

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