Shudder Releases Trailer for Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway

Halloween may not be happening as we all would like it too this year, but one thing you can count on it horror host Joe Bob Briggs is bringing another marathon for everyone to enjoy. Shudder has debuted the first trailer for Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway, featuring a fresh look at what the new special will look like and even offering some clues as to what it might include. The double feature of films was "hand-picked" for the Mutant Family's Halloween enjoyment and premieres live on the ShudderTV feed Friday, October 23rd, and will be made available on demand on Monday, October 26th. Watch the trailer below!

"Halloween is a little different this year," Briggs said in the video. "They've outlawed zombie hordes in our part of the world, but at Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway we're determined to scare the bejeezus out of ourselves anyway. So please join us on Shudder, October 23rd, 9 PM ET/6 PM PT, just about the time it gets really, really dark. We have two zombies, and they are socially distanced, and both of our movies feature homicidal druids. And those are time-distanced, they're 31 years apart. Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway, where everybody gets out alive....dammit."

The best possible guess for one of these features is that Briggs will finally be forced to host Halloween III: Season of the Witch on The Last Drive-In. Though having previously hosted the film during his MonsterVision days on TNT, Briggs has been very vocal about not liking the film and being perplexed by the love and enthusiasm fans of the film have in the modern day (considering its poor reputation at the time of the premiere).

The second film raises an interesting question. Released 31 years after Halloween III puts it at being a 2013 feature, and also including homicidal druids narrows it down further. The previous clue of "two zombies" might be the key though, as Briggs is seemingly talking about Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, starring his wife Sheri Moon Zombie. A witch-themed film, the movie fits the bill for all of the above clues.

The previous Halloween marathon hosted by Briggs on Shudder, Joe Bob's Halloween Hootenanny, debuted with John Carpenter's original Halloween from 1978 and sequel Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers