Spirit Halloween Confirms 1,400 Stores Will Open Despite Coronavirus Concerns

The coronavirus began to spread across the United States earlier this year and, despite citizens [...]

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(Photo: Spirit Halloween)

The coronavirus began to spread across the United States earlier this year and, despite citizens being hopeful that the pandemic would subside sooner rather than later, the number of cases continues to increase and will likely be sticking around for months to come, but popular Halloween store Spirit Halloween confirmed today that it aims to open 1,400 locations this fall despite those concerns. While the store already has a number of protocols in place when it comes to trying on outfits and masks, a recent update seemed to confirm that it will be embracing even more rules and regulations to ensure the safety of customers.

"We heard you're crushed. Well, don't worry, the rumors aren't true," Spirit Halloween shared on Twitter. "WE ARE BACK & WE GOT THIS COVERED. We are safely preparing the best in-store experience possible & can't wait to welcome you back at our 1,400 locations. Come early & help make this year the [best Halloween ever]."

This update will surely lift the spirits of the brand's customers, though it might be too early to tell if it will actually get to stick to these plans.

The novel coronavirus first emerged last year in China before spreading to other parts of the world. As cases began to be confirmed in the U.S., virtually all non-essential businesses shuttered their doors in hopes of allowing everyone to quarantine themselves in their homes in hopes of slowing the spread of the virus. In the first months of the quarantine, cases did start to slow, which showed promise that appropriate measures were being taken. Sadly, as numbers began to decrease in certain areas, restrictions regarding the coronavirus began to loosen and businesses began to reopen, only to result in numbers growing higher than ever in some communities.

Spirit Halloween isn't the only business potentially impacted by the coronavirus, as one of the biggest debates in recent weeks has been in regards to movie theaters.

The initial response to theaters being closed was to delay releases of highly anticipated films, some of which were delayed by months while others were pushed back by as much as a year. Multiple movie theater chains have announced plans to reopen in the coming weeks, though most audiences have expressed that they don't think there are enough protocols in place to warrant returning to theaters. And, again, as numbers of confirmed cases continue to rise, it wouldn't be surprising if theaters quickly have to close again due to insufficient efforts to ensure audience safety.

Stay tuned for details on Spirit Halloween reopening.

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