Millie Bobby Brown Hopes Eleven Loses Her Powers in 'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things might inject a bit of the supernatural into everyday life, but one of the show's [...]

Stranger Things might inject a bit of the supernatural into everyday life, but one of the show's stars wouldn't mind things getting a bit more normal.

During a recent Q&A session, Millie Bobby Brown, who stars as Jane "Eleven" Ives in the hit Netflix series, recently expressed an interest in seeing her character lose some of her telekinetic powers, in the right context.

"I think Eleven should sacrifice herself in some way," Brown explained (via Variety). "That's how I kind of want that situation to go. I want to have her really sacrifice her powers. If Eleven loses her powers, is she as powerful just as a character? I think that would be very cool. I want to build her to be a strong person without her powers…But right now it's very about her powers and I think taking that away slowly could be cool."

In a way, it's pretty easy to see where Brown is coming from, considering the amount of trauma and emotional growth that Eleven has gone through over the first two seasons of Stranger Things. As Brown went on to say, she would love for her character to truly embrace her femininity in one way or another.

"I don't think she knows how to be a girl," Brown continued. "She's been looking like a boy for a very long time. They thought she was a boy in season 1. I mean, some of my friends now are like, 'The first time I saw you I thought you were a dude.'"

It's anyone's guess as to whether or not Eleven has those changes in Stranger Things' third season, considering where things seem to be going.

"[It's] definitely going to yet darker still, places that I think audiences are going to really love." producer Shawn Levy revealed in a recent interview. "It's got so much heart and humor."

Series star David Harbour has also given some sort of vague detail, revealing that the season is inspired by some "epic" movies of 1985, but said he would "get in trouble" if he revealed which ones.

"If you're a real fan of Stranger Things and you really want to know," Harbour explained. "I would go look at the great films that were released in '85, of which there were many, and just go down that list and think of the possibilities that we could be going with. I think it is a specific season to 1985, and so you'll see references to that."

"We're experimenting a lot this season, and we're taking risks, and I hope that they pay off but they are risks." Harbour continued. "We're going into territories we've never been to before, and it's exciting."

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Season 3 of Stranger Things will be released sometime in 2019.