Swamp Thing Finale Has a Post Credits Scene Surprise

DC Universe's Swamp Thing ends its all-too-short run on Friday, but ahead of what will be the [...]

DC Universe's Swamp Thing ends its all-too-short run on Friday, but ahead of what will be the series finale series executive producer Mark Verheiden teases a post-credits surprise for fans. Verheiden shared the tease on Twitter, encouraging fans to "stick around" after the credits, but remained mum on exactly what treat might be in store.

In the Twitter post, Verheiden gave fans an idea of what to expect in the finale. Without sharing specific details so as not to spoil things, he promised some resolution to the series that was shockingly cancelled after having aired only one episode earlier this year. You can check out Verheiden's message below.

"Dropping this Friday -- the final episode of #SwampThing 2019," Verheiden wrote. "Expect some resolution, some strangeness, maybe even some tears. And whatever you do, STICK AROUND after the credits for... well, you'll just have to see!"

Naturally, after Verheiden's tweet on Tuesday fans immediately began speculating that the post-credits surprise would include news of an unexpected renewal, that perhaps WarnerMedia had decided to save the show after all. After all, there has been a fairly robust #SaveSwampThing campaign that continues to trend on social media and with the announcement Doom Patrol -- another of DC Universe's original series -- having a deal with HBO Max in which new episodes of that series will debut simultaneously on DC Universe and HBO Max next season, some fans were hoping that something similar could be worked out to keep Swamp Thing alive. While it would be an interesting proposition, there's been no indication that that is the case or has even been discussed.

If a surprise renewal isn't the post-credits surprise, though, there are still several other things that could be offered to fans as a parting gift for the series. A tease of Justice League Dark isn't out of the realm of possibility as previous reports indicated that a future season would have seen the series collide with Justice League Dark. There's also the potential for a tease of Constantine, another thing that Swamp Thing fans have been hoping for given that in DC Comics, Swamp Thing and Constantine are both friends and allies, though there's been no indication that anything like that has been in the works, either.

Whatever it is, with Friday's episode being the last, it's no doubt that fans will be glad for whatever extra they get of Swamp Thing before they have to say goodbye.

What do you think the post-credits surprise is? Let us know your best theories in the comments below.

Swamp Thing's Season 1 (and probably series) finale premieres Friday, August 2 on DC Universe.