'The Crow' Director Thinks The Movie Should Not Be Remade

In the more than two decades since its release, The Crow has gained near-mythical status amongst [...]

In the more than two decades since its release, The Crow has gained near-mythical status amongst genre fans, not only for its dark take on the comic book adaptation but also due to the star-making performance of star Brandon Lee, who died during a firearm malfunction on set. Justice League's Jason Momoa and The Nun director Corin Hardy are both currently attached to move forward with a reboot of the property, with the original film's director, Alex Proyas, taking to Facebook to claim the film won't be the same without Lee.

The post began with the words "WHY I THINK THE CROW SHOULD NOT BE REMADE" alongside a photo of an infant Brandon with his father Bruce Lee.

"I was privileged to know Brandon Lee - he was a young, immensely gifted actor with a great sense of humour and a bright future ahead of him," Proyas shared. "I was also privileged to have been able to call him a friend. Our working relationship as actor/director went beyond mere collaboration. We crafted a movie together which has touched many people."

Lee had previously starred in a handful of action movies, but The Crow brought out the more emotional depths that he was capable of portraying, ensuring it would have been a breakout role.

"I did not take a 'film by' credit on THE CROW. I wanted it to be Brandon's movie, because it was, and because he would not be able to make any more movies," Proyas confessed. "He brought all his passion to the movie and it has lasted as his legacy. It is a film I know he would have been proud of."

The firearm malfunction fatally wounded Lee while filming was still taking place, forcing the production to use body doubles and clever editing to tell a cohesive story.

"I finished the film for Brandon - struggling through grief, along with the hugely supportive cast & crew who all loved Brandon, to complete it in his absence," Proyas pointed out. "We were imbued with the strength of Brandon's spirit and his inspiration. Not only Brandon's wonderful work as an actor and a film-maker, but as a man, who's humanity had touched us."

The original film earned itself a handful of sequels, none of which managed to capture the magic of the original. The idea of crafting a reboot of the original film is doing a disservice to Lee's memory, according to the filmmaker.

"THE CROW would not be a movie worth 'remaking' if it wasn't for Brandon Lee. If it wasn't for Brandon you may never have even heard of this poignant little underground comic," Proyas pleaded. "It is Brandon's movie. I believe it is a special case where Hollywood should just let it remain a testament to a man's immense talent and ultimate sacrifice - and not have others re-write that story or add to it. I know sequels were made, and TV shows, and what have you, but the notion of 'rebooting' this story, and the original character - a character Brandon gave life to at too high a cost - seems wrong to me."

He concluded, "Please let this remain Brandon's film."

Official details about a reboot have yet to be revealed, with Momoa and Hardy often teasing details about the film on their social media pages.

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