The Haunted Mansion Movie Casting Rumors Reveal Expected Ghosts

Weeks ago came a major update on Disney's planned reboot of The Haunted Mansion as a feature film [...]

Weeks ago came a major update on Disney's planned reboot of The Haunted Mansion as a feature film when it was revealed that LaKeith Stanfield (Knives Out, Judas and the Black Messiah) and Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip, Tuca & Bertie) are in talks to lead the live-action film. Justin Simien (Dear White People, Bad Hair) has been tapped to direct the film which has a script by Katie Dippold (The Heat, 2016's Ghostbusters). With an idea of what people may appear in the film it was only a matter of time before the "Happy Haunts" themselves were revealed. According to That Hashtag Show, who reportedly have seen a casting sheet for the film, here are some of the spirits from the ride that will appear in the film.

First up are some "practical ghosts," which the outlet claims are described as appearing in the film and in wall portraits but whose appearance is reportedly in a "non-scripted capacity," they include: William Gracey and his wife, which the outlet claims are a "wealthy Creole couple in their early 30s" and "free people of color from 19th century New Orleans," lore of The Haunted Mansion has previously pinned Gracey as the "master of the house." Others that have previously had a place on the ride and will seemingly appear in the film include The Mariner, a Dueling Ghost, and (naturally), The Bride, the ghost famous for beheading her husbands. Another, seemingly new ghost, will be The Butler.

Some others that will appear in the film are described as "talking portrait" ghosts, which fans of the Disney ride will recognize from the "stretching" room and its elongated portraits.These parts are reportedly motion capture performances and they include the Woman with Rose, a character whose picture reveals her sitting on her husband's grave (a hatchet buried in his memorial visage); Man in Dynamite Suit, revealed in his picture to be sitting on a keg of TNT; The Ballerina, a young dancer balancing on a high wire above an alligator; and naturally the Quicksand Man, a guy standing on top of two other guys, all sinking into quicksand.

It's unclear if any of these roles will be filled by named actors that audiences are familiar with but if we were going to make a bet on it we'd wager The Bride is a very attractive part to any major Haunted Mansion fans.

Disney has not set a release date for the rebooted Haunted Mansion.

(H/T Bloody Disgusting)