Tom Savini Announces Involvement with Creepshow

During an appearance at Monsterpalooza, legendary make-up artist Tom Savini announced his involvement in the new original Shudder series Creepshow and that he directed an episode based on Joe Hill's original story "By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain." Reportedly, Creepshow is not a reboot or a reimagining, but rather, will be a continuation of the classic 1982 horror anthology film written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, itself an homage to EC horror comics from the 1950's. got an opportunity to visit the set for Creepshow in Atlanta and sit down to talk with Tom Savini, and while many of the details for that set visit are still under embargo, we did get a chance to ask Tom Savini about his level of involvement during the production; whether or not he would be acting or handling any of the effects, and he confirmed that he was only directing the episode:

"Nope, I'm not even doing a cameo. I said to Greg, 'I want to be the woman's ex-husband [...] In the photographs on the window sill,' and he says, 'No, no. You're too old to be married to a 40 year old.' And I'm sitting next to my 35 year old wife when he said that."

Are you excited to hear that Tom Savini is involved with the return of Creepshow? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more information in the near future!



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