Tyler Labine Teases 'Tucker and Dale vs. Evil' Sequel

The world of humor and horror have often collided over the years, delivering audiences a number of [...]

The world of humor and horror have often collided over the years, delivering audiences a number of memorable film experiences that offer plenty of laughs along with plenty of thrills. One of the more interesting blendings of the genres came in 2010 with Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, which depicted a pair of friends who wanted nothing more than to enjoy their vacation in a cabin in the woods, only for coeds to die on their property, with the blame being placed on the duo. The film has gained a passionate following over the years, with star Tyler Labine recently teasing we could see the continued adventures of the pair in some capacity.

"We're working on something right now," Labine shared with Broke Horror Fan. "I wouldn't call it a film sequel, but the story is not done being told. I can't really tell you much, but we're in development with a couple things right now. Things are looking pretty good. [Co-star] Alan [Tudyk] and I are both still on board, along with [director/co-writer] Eli [Craig]. We're just trying to line up a few pieces. It's just a matter of timing. We're going to get something to the fans, because that's really the only reason we want to do it. No one's getting rich off this thing [laughs]. Alan and I have always been like, 'Whatever we do has to be for the people that stuck with it and made it what it is.' That's all the fans. Hopefully something will come to fruition."

Despite the film debuting less than a decade ago, the media landscape has changed drastically since its release. Labine might not sound confident that we'll get a film follow-up, but it's possible we could get a web series or comic book that continues these adventures. A TV series on a streaming platform is also an option, but his comments about the financial risks could prevent the creative team from acquiring the necessary funds for a TV show.

After the initial news of the sequel possibility broke, Labine took to Twitter to share the article to drum up more support.

tucker and dale vs evil sequel tyler labine

After sharing the article, Labine added, "This is absolutely true. I'll keep you all posted if you promise to get it buzzing."

Stay tuned for details on the possible future of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

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