Underwater Comes to Home Video Next Month With Alternate Ending

After its release was shelved for years, Underwater finally landed in theaters earlier this year, with its upcoming home video release including a number of special features, including an alternate ending. The film might not have made a major splash at the box office, as horror movies released in the early months of the year rarely do, but many horror fans connected more strongly with it than typical genre releases from early in the year, thanks to its blend of sci-fi. monsters, and Lovecraftian mythology. Get all the details on the film's home video release below before it lands on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on April 14th.

In the film, "The crew of the Kepler undersea mining rig knew there would be hardships on their current mission, but nothing prepared them for the terrors they're about to face. The heart-stopping adventure begins when a devastating earthquake damages the rig, including its communication devices and escape vehicle. Although quick-thinking mechanical engineer Norah Price (Kirsten Stewart) manages to temporarily stave off imminent disaster, the need to evacuate escalates quickly. Their only hope is to walk across the ocean floor to an abandoned vessel, in hopes that its communication equipment still works. As if their journey isn't treacherous enough, they begin to sense that they're not alone in the murky ocean depths."

The film's special features are as follows:

  • Alternate Ending With Optional Commentary (Digital Only)
  • Deleted Scene With Optional Commentary:
    • "Rock Garden"
  • Extended Scenes With Optional Commentary:
    • "Crew Suit Up"
    • "Gantry Exit"
    • "Baby Clinger"
    • "Midway Station"
    • "Ocean Floor Walk"
    • "Smith Departure"
  • Featurettes
    • "Real Bunny Montage"
    • "Making Underwater: Design, Production, Creature & Visual Effects"
  • Feature Audio Commentary by William Eubank, Jared Purrington, and Phil Gawthorne
underwater movie blu ray release cover kristen stewart
(Photo: 20th Century Studios)

In the more than 40 years since Alien debuted, audiences have seen a number of survival thrillers that take place in space, with Underwater following a similar formula, though with a drastic change in setting. This allowed filmmaker Eubank to hint at one of the biggest monsters in history of cosmic lore.


"He was written in the script as a big, whale-like creature," Eubank shared with Mr H Reviews on YouTube of the movie's monsters. "A massive behemoth – it was called 'The Behemoth.' And in designing the movie – we were done shooting, but we obviously never shot the behemoth cause we were gonna do him later – I just basically was like … we were early enough in the design that was able to shift more to a mystical being. So that's where we started going Lovecraftian. So I was like alright, '[We're] making Cthulhu here.'"

Underwater lands on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on April 14th.

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