3D Doritos Arrive Just in Time for the Holidays

The Doritos news is true — every little bit of it. 3D Doritos are officially coming back, and [...]

The Doritos news is true — every little bit of it. 3D Doritos are officially coming back, and they'll be here by 2021. After weeks of speculation, Doritos parent company Frito-Lay announced Monday morning the legendary '90s treat is returning in the coming days. The iconic snack should start popping up at grocery stores nationwide beginning Monday, December 28th.

The retro snacks — puffy versions of Frito-Lay's flagship chip — were first introduced in 1998 and became a staple amongst '90s kid until they were unceremoniously removed from the snack-makers lineup a few years after the fact. One fan campaign after another has led to this moment, a revamped version of the treat in two flavors.

At launch, the new 3D Doritos — which will have an updated name in 3D Doritos Crunch — will be available in Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nacho flavors. ComicBook.com had the opportunity to try both flavors earlier this month and it should be noted they're both pretty spicy, even the Chili Cheese Nacho flavor.

"Doritos 3D Crunch is one of our most anticipated product launches ever. What's exciting is that we didn't just bring back the original — we've evolved it to reflect the snacking trends of a new generation," Frito-Lay marketing chief Rachel Ferdinando said in a press release. "We're thrilled to introduce a new version at a time when we all could use a small moment of joy."

Best yet, the Doritos brand brought back the original "Doritos Girl" Ali Landry to help relaunch the product via her social media channels. It's expected she'll also be involved in a hefty marketing campaign for 3D Doritos Crunch as the brand gets closer to the Super Bowl.

The chips will be available in two sizes, a regular 6 oz. bag for $4.29 and a smaller 2 oz. bag for $1.89.