Kitten That Looks Like Baby Yoda Is Rescued From California Wildfires

Star Wars may be long long ago in a galaxy far far away, but the Force was definitely with a young kitten rescued in a Northern California wildfire and it's easy to see why. The fortunate feline bears a striking resemblance to beloved Star Wars: The Mandalorian character Baby Yoda! The kitten, who is estimated to be around two to three weeks old, was found in the middle of the road by firefighters battling the North Complex Fire in Northern California earlier this month.

The kitten's story was shared by North Valley Animal Disaster Group on their Facebook page. Of course, given her big eyes, big ears, and resemblance The Child, she was appropriately named Baby Yoda.

"Over this past weekend, firefighters rushed this tiny 2 or 3-week-old kitten to the Cal Oak Animal Shelter," the post reads. "They found her in the middle of the road on their route, thank goodness! She came in covered in smoke and ash and was immediately examined by our vet. These images show her after her bath and sleeping about t2 minutes after the first photo was taken! She is being cared for by a medical foster to receive the special care she needs."

"As of last night, her foster has said she is doing great, " North Valley vice president Norm Rosene said (via CNN). "Baby Yoda will have no problem finding a home."

It is also worth noting that the rescue group waits at least a month before placing displaced animals up for adoption, allowing owners to claim rescued pets and Rosene noted it's not impossible that Baby Yoda's "parents" might be out there looking for her.

"We will hang on to the animals and give everyone a chance to get their live together before claiming their animals," Rosene said. "Who knows, Baby Yoda's parents might be out there looking for her and waiting to get her back."

The North Complex Fire is just one of more than 70 large wildfires currently burning in the western United States. The North Complex Fire is currently the fifth largest fire recorded in California's modern history.


As for The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda, fans will get to find out what's next for the character soon. The second season of the Disney+ series is set to return with new episodes on October 30th.

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