Blake Lively Makes Fun of Ryan Reynolds' Tiny Ponytail

Blake Lively is having some quarantine fun at the expense of husband, Ryan Reynolds. The two are [...]

Blake Lively is having some quarantine fun at the expense of husband, Ryan Reynolds. The two are quarantined together at their home with their children. Early in April, Reynolds revealed that Lively would be tending to his overgrown hair. "She's done this once before," Reynolds said. "It took two and a half hours, and then at the end, it looked like she had done the whole thing using only a lighter, or those gloves that are made of sandpaper." This time, Lively left a kind of signature calling card behind in Reynolds' hair in the form of a tiny ponytail. "I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity," she wrote on Instagram when she posted a photo of the ponytail. Reynolds quipped back, "Clearly your birth control doesn't work, so…"

Lively was pulled into the ongoing "feud" between Reynolds and fellow X-Men movies star Hugh Jackman. The two recently declared a truce, but Jackman then said that he only did it out of concern for Lively. "It is not over, but look, we're in extraordinary times," Jackman said. "Deb actually said to me, 'Look, really, this is the time to rethink all that. Maybe it's time to build a bridge.' I wasn't ready for that, but actually Blake reached out. Blake and Deb have been brokering this thing and we came up with participating in the all-in challenge. Whoever wins, we're going to go and do a lemonade stand together. That's how much I really want to support the frontline workers and make sure people have food and all of that sort of thing. But listen, we've been reaching out to Blake, we talk to her because imagine, can you imagine being stuck in the house with Ryan? It must be brutal for her. So really, we're reaching out."

The All In Challenge is an effort to fight against food insecurity during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Jackman and Reynolds announced their truce for charity via a video that included a couple of nods to Marvel and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds Ponytailn Instagram
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Jackman and Reynolds have gone back and forth for years now. They held their last truce for a year. The feud reignited in March when Reynolds and wife Lively donated $1 million to relief for the coronavirus pandemic. Reynolds also gave out Jackman's (fake)phone number. Reynolds struck again on Jackman's wedding anniversary. He trolled Jackman in an Instagram post about his relationship with his wife. Reynolds also gave Jackman a present to celebrate the third anniversary of the premiere of Logan. The present was the dead-Wolverine music box that appeared in Deadpool

Jackman has done his share to keep the "feud" going as well. Over the year that the "truce" was in place, Jackman "accidentally" leaked a video of himself saying some negative things about Reynolds. He made fun of Reynolds during last year's Sexiest Man Alive announcement. He asked the Internet to choose between the two of them in a "who wore it best" photo. Jackman and Reynolds also had an online altercation surrounding Reynolds' movie Free Guy. Someone photoshopped Jackman's head over Reynold's face on the Free Guy poster and Jackman shared it on Instagram.

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