Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Now Available at Grocery Stores

If you've ever wanted Chuck E. Cheese pizza without having to actually go to a Chuck E. Cheese [...]

If you've ever wanted Chuck E. Cheese pizza without having to actually go to a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant - and without having to order "Pasqually's Pizza and Wings" on delivery platforms - your moment has arrived. Chuck E. Cheese has launched two of its handcrafted pizza varieties for home enjoyment with frozen pepperoni and cheese pizzas now popping up in grocery stores. This discovery was noted by @i_need_a_snack_ on Instagram who spotted them at their grocery store and shared them with followers.

"Chuck E. has officially brought his handcrafted pizzas from the arcade to your house!" the caption reads. "So now with this newest take home creation your house can be a place "Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!" Or just a middle aged adult with all the nostalgia ahah! I present, Chuck E. Cheese Pizza!"

The post goes on to explain that the pizzas are available in pepperoni and cheese varieties and comes with 250 e-tickets. The post notes that they found the pizzas at Kroger for $6.99 for an 18.5 oz box and we were able to find a listing on the Kroger website for the cheese variety. It's not clear if it is available nationwide or at all Kroger locations or if other stores carry it as well.

Interestingly enough, the arrival of frozen Chuck E. Cheese pizzas isn't the only Chuck E. Cheese news this week. The restaurant recently announced the return of Chuck E. LIVE! in its restaurant after more than a year of the show being on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"For more than a year, kids and parents have eagerly awaited Chuck E.'s return to the dance floor — and Chuck E.'s been looking forward to this day, too," CEC Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Sherri Landry said in a statement. "Chuck E. loves celebrating birthday parties, sharing his favorite new music and dance moves and creating special memories every day at Chuck E. Cheese. He's never been more excited to report to the 'office,' and we're all ready to once again feel the special energy that he offers our guests when they visit our venues for their first or 100th visit."

Will you be checking out frozen Chuck E. Cheese pizzas? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images