The Coors Light Holiday Onesie is Back for 2020

The holidays are nearly upon us and while the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is making for a very different holiday season this year as people are encouraged to skip big celebrations this year, there is one small silver lining and that is 2020 is giving many a reason to just relax at home, watch a movie and just enjoy the moment. Now, Coors Light is aiming to help do just that by bringing a bit of "chill" to your holiday by bringing back their festive holiday onesie -- this time with some fun improvements over last year's offering.

That's right, after the success of last year's version, Coors Light has brought back their Holiday Onesie. The limited edition onesie features an all-new design including a lighter, more breathable fabric, a relaxed fit, and perhaps the most fun feature of all: beer pockets to keep your drinks close (we're pretty sure you could put any drink in those pockets if by chance beer isn't your thing). The onesie also features a new graphic design as well so you're guaranteed to not be an "outfit repeater" for the holidays.

If you're interested in keeping it cozy while staying chill for the holidays with this onesie, this is what you need to know. As was noted above, the Coors Light Holiday Onesie is a limited edition item and last year's version sold out very quickly so those who are interested will want to check it out sooner rather than later -- and they can do so at The Onesie is also available only to those of legal drinking age, so keep that in mind. The Coors Light Holiday Onesie retails for $70, but shipping is free. The Onesie also comes in sizes small through 2XL, though at the time of this article's writing size 2XL had already sold out.

You can check out the official description of the Coors Light Holiday Onesie below.


"You deserve more than a sweater this season. The Coors Light Onesie has a relaxed fit and light, breathable fabric. Plus, you’ll have a built-in beer pocket on each leg to ensure that a cold Coors Light is never out of reach."

What do you think? Will you be checking out the Coors Light Holiday Onesie? Or is the Hefty Party Cup Parka more your style? Let us know your thoughts on this and all things holiday in the comments!