Disney CEO Explains Why Walt Disney World Guests Are Safe to Return

Disney’s CEO explained why Walt Disney World Guests should feel safe returning to the park Bob [...]

Disney's CEO explained why Walt Disney World Guests should feel safe returning to the park Bob Chapek sat down with CNN Business to talk about how the company is approaching reopening. A lot of fans have been wondering what a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World will look like when the gates fly open. Well, if Shanghai's park is any indication, you can expect some changes. But, that isn't to say that the organization isn't doing everything it can to try and keep people safe. Many Disney fans were shocked when the app sent out a message about personal liability for coronavirus exposure at Disney Springs earlier this month. That is understandable, but the company will have to prove that people can be at ease visiting the park again.

Chapek said, "Well, I think what we can say is that we've done everything we can to open up responsibly. Taking the guidance of local health officials, state health officials, national health officials, plus our own well qualified doctors on staff to create an environment to create new operating procedures, to create new policies, to do new training, new standards of hygiene. So that when a guest comes in we can continue the trust that guests have always had with the Walt Disney company and enjoy the parks so they can make those magical memories that last a lifetime."

However, later in the interview, the CEO did admit that this is going to be an adjustment for a lot of Guests. Masks are mandatory at Disney's Resort. Some people were not big fans of that stipulation and getting people to keep on their masks all day will be a challenge. Chapel believes its absolutely something Disney can help manage.

"Well, so far our experience has been that the guests have been very cooperative when it comes to wearing the masks. And I think that's really going to be part of the contract of coming to Walt Disney World in any capacity. We're going to enforce that rule. It's for everybody's safety. We've had a great experience in Shanghai. And so far the experience at Disney Springs, after only a short week, is that guests are willing to wear the masks because they know that it's for everyone's good... You know I've had this mask on pretty much the whole day, and you just forget about it after a while, and I think that's going to be a part of maintaining the magic."

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