Heinz Announces Spoon Friez in Honor of National Fries Day

Heinz has opened up their food laboratory to the world and delivered a monumental game changer to the worlds of French fries and condiment delivery, the Spoon Friez. Described as being "the remedy" for achieving the "decent dollop of sauce on your fries" and made entirely out of potato, the Heinz Spoon Friez "resembles the same shape of a traditional spoon, allowing you to fry-nally scoop up the perfect amount of sauce in one clean swoop." In announcing the Spoon Friez the company has revealed that you can get some of these tiny fried delicacies free of charge, but there's a catch.

The good news is that in celebration of National Fries Day they have a "limited quantity of Spoon Friez" to give away for free; the bad news is that only persons in the UK can enter and win these tiny little potato spoons. Those that live across the pond can enter to get some Spoon Friez here. Entrants will also have the chance to win a discount code for the Heinz to Home store, with the contest closing next week on July 20th.

(Photo: HEINZ)

All of this raises countless questions: How long before we get these things everywhere? What kind of potato consistency are we talking about with regard to the spoon? What about the handle? What condiment is best to eat on these things? How long before we get Fork Friez? Which fast food chain will be the one that secures the rights to Spoon Friez, kickstarting a new French fry war among restaurants?

The Spoon Friez mark the biggest revelation in the French Fry game in some time, but there have been some other invocations this year. SONIC franchises began to roll out dill pickle French fries with a new burger on their menu earlier this year, while Shake Shack began to produce Spicy Cheese Fries. Now we await the inevitable news of a chain picking up these spoon fries, bet on it.