Hugh Jackman Says Blake Lively Told Him Ryan Reynolds Is "Furious" Over His Emmy Nomination

Hugh Jackman is telling the world that he has word from Ryan Reynold's wife Blake Lively that the [...]

Hugh Jackman is telling the world that he has word from Ryan Reynold's wife Blake Lively that the Deadpool star is furious over Jackman's Emmy nomination for the HBO biopic Bad Education. Hugh was talking to ET about a recent message that Reynolds sent him, taking shots at the Emmy nom: "Buddy, congratulations," the clip begins. "I just heard you got an Emmy nomination, that's crazy. That's crazy, not because you don't deserve it. Well...." Now, in response, Jackman is saying that Blake Lively told him that Ryan Reynolds "won't get out of bed, he's furious, he's very angry with the Academy..."

Jackman (who was totally tongue-in-cheek in his "tea spilling") continued by further fanning the flames of his catty rivalry with Reynolds: "I reached out to him, I said 'If you need help with anything, just reach out.'"

If you don't keep up with what's become known as a the "Faux Feud" between the two celebrities, the two X-Men movie stars have been at it for years now. Fans wanted to see Jackman's Wolverine crossover with Reynolds' Deadpool, which led to social media jokes between the two actors, as Reynolds trolled Jackman about showing up in Deadpool, despite Jackman's retirement from the role.

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Recently, Reynolds took offense to a post that Jackman made on Best Friends Day, featuring himself at a young age with his real-life best friend. Reynolds responded to the photo "I don't understand..." in mockery of his supposed BFF ties to Jackman. The Wolverine actor has actually taken on an aggressive stance in the feud since a brief truce last year; Jackman has "leaked' video of him bad-mouthing Reynolds, in response to Reynolds trash-talking him in the Sexiest Man Alive announcement.

Of course, this "feud" never goes too far overboard: whenever it's time to do serious work for a charity or promote public health, both Jackman and Reynolds are front and center to help lead the way. Then there are the rare times that Jackman and Reynolds' trolling and charity come together as one: such as when they used a kid's Deadpool/Wolverine birthday cake for a popularity contest (and made that kid's birthday one for the books).

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Marvel movie actors have come to the point where they provide almost as much fun offscreen as they do with their onscreen adventures. The Jackman/Reynolds rivalry is just one example (see also: Chris Evans / Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland / Jake Gyllenhaal, etc...).