Hugh Jackman Uses a Kid's Deadpool & Wolverine Birthday Cake To Troll Ryan Reynolds

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' rivalry knows no bounds - and no one is safe from the crossfire. Now the two Marvel actors have taken the birthday of a young boy who loves both Wolverine and Deadpool, and used it as the beachhead for the next salvo in their ongoing social media feud (which is all jokes, just to be clear). The boy in question is named Sam, and Sam is celebrating his 8th birthday with a two-pieced cake that is decorated to convey the conflict between Deadpool and Wolverine - and according to Hugh Jackman, there is only one clear winner in that cake-competition:

"Sam celebrated his 8th birthday with dueling #Wolverine and #Deadpool cakes. I think it’s crystal clear won. Don’t you?" --Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds has yet to respond, but if online history is any indication, he'll definitely have a witty retort to share, soon enough. As stated, Jackman and Reynolds keep social media lit up with their snarky back-and-forth jabs at one another. The coronavirus pandemic caused the two actors to call a temporary cease-fire in order to raise charity money, but that didn't last long. A few days later, Jackman was on The Tonight Show letting it be known that he and Ryan Reynolds still have beef:

"It is not over, but look, we're in extraordinary times," Jackman said about his charity competition with Reynolds. "....Whoever wins, we're going to go and do a lemonade stand together. That's how much I really want to support the frontline workers and make sure people have food and all of that sort of thing. But listen, we've been reaching out to Blake [Lively], we talk to her because imagine, can you imagine being stuck in the house with Ryan? It must be brutal for her. So really, we're reaching out."


Reynolds took the renewed rivalry in stride, turning has charitable work for America's bartenders into another chance to get at Jackman:

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