Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Is Obsessed With Ketchup, Here’s Why

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is absolutely obsessed with ketchup. If you wanted to know [...]

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is absolutely obsessed with ketchup. If you wanted to know why, it goes back to his childhood and some of the stranger snacks he loved when he was young. Mahomes has been the type to put the condiment on everything since day one. In fact, the Super Bowl superhero told Inside Hook about it in a recent interview. The QB was eating ketchup only sandwiches and that brought out some bullying from his classmates. His teammates and coach in Kansas City also had a bit of fun with their captain for his love of all things ketchup. But, for Mahomes, he knows that no one can really stop him from eating things how he wants to. It's not really hurting anyone, so what's the big deal? That's basically how the former MVP is dealing with it.

"It was a long time ago, but when I was a little kid, I used to just eat ketchup sandwiches that were just ketchup and bread," Mahomes said to Inside Hook. "I used to get teased about it all the time because people thought it was very strange that I didn't put any ham, turkey or anything else on it, just ketchup and bread. I grew out of it, so, I don't do that anymore."

"It's weird," he continued. "When I get BBQ from the barbecue joint, I eat it with the barbecue sauce when I'm at the place. But if I get it to go, I'll put ketchup on it. I don't know why. That's kind of how I've always been."

It seems like Mahomes is making the right decision as Hunt's stepped in when it heard about him eating ketchup on steak. The company decided to sign him as an endorser, because who wouldn't want a former Super Bowl MVP as the face of their product? When the Kansas City QB actually heard about the partnership, he was beyond excited because he's really down for ketchup.

"I've been a fan of ketchup for as long as I can remember, and the thick, rich flavor of Hunt's ketchup delivers every time," Mahomes announced when the deal became public. "I'm thrilled to be joining the Hunt's team."

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