McDonald's Holiday Pie Reportedly Returning Nationwide in December

With Thanksgiving over, we're fully in the holiday season and while we've already seen plenty of holiday-themed food items hitting shelves and menus across various brands, it seems that McDonald's is also getting in on the holiday spirit this year in a big way. A new report from Chewboom says that McDonald's is bringing back their iconic Holiday Pie again this year but this time around, it will be available nationwide starting in early December.

According to the report, fans have started spotting the Holiday Pie at select locations, but a full rollout is coming. For fans of the treat, this is excellent news. Last year, the Holiday Pie was only available in "select regions" across the United States. A nationwide rollout means that the tasty holiday spirit is coming for everyone, just in time for the holiday season to get in full swing.

For those unfamiliar with the iconic Holiday Pie, this is what you need to know. First introduced in 1999, the pie is a twist on the classic McDonald's apple pie and features a vanilla custard inside a flaky, buttery crust glazed with sugar and topped with festive rainbow sprinkles. Even with the differences from the apple pie, some fans have described it as tasking a bit like the classic though whatever you think it tastes like, it's been a fan favorite each year it's returned to the menu.

The reported return of the Holiday Pie comes on the heels of the departure of another iconic item, the McRib. One of the most popular items the chain has ever released, the McRib went on a "farewell" tour this fall. While it remains to be seen if the sandwich is truly gone for good — there was a farewell tour for the sandwich back in 2005, though it returned a few years later — the last day fans could get the McRib was November 20th.

Are you excited about the possibility that the Holiday Pie is coming back nationwide in December? What is your favorite seasonal McDonald's offering? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!