Miller Lite Launches Limited-Edition Bar Smells Candles

More than a year into the pandemic and quarantine, the world is a very different place and while [...]

More than a year into the pandemic and quarantine, the world is a very different place and while there's the hope of a return to something like normalcy on the horizon as vaccines continue to roll out and, in some places, things are beginning to open back up, many people are still feeling a bit nostalgic. Now, for those who are missing the ambiance of their favorite bar, Miller Lite is coming to the rescue. The original light beer brand is releasing a limited-edition line of "Bar Smells" candles.

miller lite bar smells candles
(Photo: Miller Lite)

The line features three specific scents tailored to the drinking out with friends experience. The Dive Bar scent is described as having notes of musk, tobacco, pine, and yeast and "evoking the joy we find in the most unexpected places, with dim lights, a faint glass clinking, and the sinus-clearing sensation of a puddle that somehow exists indoors". Beer Garden is described as having notes of green moss, warm pretzel, cracked wood, and sunburn as "an unseasonably warm Saturday mandates a group visit to the outdoor fun oasis that is a Beer Garden". The Game Day scent has notes of salted peanut, jalapeno, and cracked leather and "mixes top notes of the most ordered bar snacks on game day with the subtle power of comfortable cracked leather, the ideal backdrop to a freshly opened beer."

While these candles offer a "sensorial experience that enables the divine power of scent to guide the sniffer on a journey back to their favorite local watering hole," they aren't just there for the smell. All proceeds from the candles will go to the hospitality industry, via the US Bartender's Guild Foundation to help support those in the industry who have been hard-hit by the pandemic.

If the candles sound like something you need to turn your home into a perfect bar experience, here's what you need to know. The candles are available for preorder at for $20 per candle. They are limited-edition so once they're gone, they're gone. Each candle promises a 50 hour burn time so you'll get plenty of enjoyment and the preorders are expected to ship at the end of April.

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