Oreo to Announce Supreme Collaboration

When most people think of Oreo cookie collaborations their minds probably turn to other food and [...]

When most people think of Oreo cookie collaborations their minds probably turn to other food and food-related things. After all, the beloved and iconic cookie has done some pretty interesting team ups before -- who remembers the limited edition Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreos? They also keep coming out with interesting flavor combinations that keep mouths watering. However, America's Favorite Cookie announced a collaboration today that is unlike anything they've ever done before and it's one that might leave cookie lovers scratching their heads: Oreo x Supreme.

The curious collaboration was announced on Twitter on Tuesday with Oreo posting a simple image of an Oreo-style cookie, though instead of being the iconic black and white, it's red and white with the logo of the New York-based streetwear brand. The image was accompanied by the caption "Dropping Soon".

While the tweet doesn't offer any particular details about the cookie collab, there is a listing for the Supreme/Oreo on the Supreme website's Spring Summer 2020 preview section that indicates that the collaboration is a pack of three Double Stuff Oreo cookies with the Supreme logo baked into it. There's no mention of the cookie having a different flavor -- some fans online had wondered if the cookie would be red velvet-flavored -- nor is there any indication of what the three-pack of cookies will cost. On Instagram, at least one account dedicated to streetwear has posted what they claim is the packaging for the cookies and indicated an $8 price. For reference, a family-size package of regular Double Stuff Oreo cookies runs around $4.

Even with the arguably elevated price, fans are already eagerly anticipating the launch of the collab cookie. Supreme is a very popular brand of streetwear that has done some pretty significant, high-end collaborations in the past, including a 2017 collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Fortunately, those looking to get their hands on the Oreo x Supreme cookies don't have to wait too much longer, either. According to New York Post, the cookies will arrive at Supreme's New York stores on Thursday, February 20 with an online release set for next week.

What do you think? Will be you trying to get your hands on the Oreo x Supreme collaboration or is this one cookie you just can't get behind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.