Pamela Anderson Marries Batman Producer Jon Peters

You may not know Jon Peters by his face, but you know his body of work. The long time producer's [...]

You may not know Jon Peters by his face, but you know his body of work. The long time producer's extensive credits from the 1980s include the likes of An American Werewolf in London, Flashdance, Clue, The Color Purple, Rain Man, and most importantly, Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns. Though Peters has had limited film work in the time since then (though he did executive produce Man of Steel in 2013 and the latest A Star is Born), he has perhaps entered the limelight in a surprising way as he secretly tied the knot with none other than model and actress Pamela Anderson.

The Hollywood Reporter brings news of their nuptials, revealing the pair were married in a secret ceremony in Malibu that took place Monday, January 20. As the trade notes, the pair have been linked since the 1980s when they first met and dated previously. Though each of them have been married a number of times in the decades since, they've come together once again, this time down the aisle.

"Pamela has never seen her full potential as an artist. She has yet to shine in a real way. There is much more to her than meets the eye, or I wouldn't love her so much," Peters told THR in a statement. "There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but -- for 35 years -- I've only wanted Pamela. She makes me wild -- in a good way. She inspires me. I protect her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated."

Many fans will no doubt recall Peters from the hilarious story featuring him told by director Kevin Smith when he was working on a Superman feature film for Warner Bros. in the mid 1990s. As Smith regaled, there were many hilarious and off-beat requests by Peters for the film including rules that Superman never be seen in his suit, that he never be seen flying, and that in the end of the film he was required to fight a giant spider.

"'He's got to fight a giant spider in the third act,'" Smith recalled Peters saying in the 2002 DVD An Evening with Kevin Smith. "(Peters) said, 'There's gonna be a scene in this movie, a scene that I want. When I saw King Kong as a kid, there's a scene where the doors open up and King Kong's revealed and it's a real big moment. I want that moment in this movie. I want some doors to open up and a big f***ing spider's there."

Smith concluded this anecdote on the movie (which would go on to become the cancelled Superman Lives from director Tim Burton and starring Nicolas Cage) about how the experience of working with Peters left him with stories for ages, and a surprise at the multiplex.

"I was really reminded (of the project) the next summer when I went to the movies and saw a movie that Jon Peters had produced, and it was called The Wild Wild West," Smith said. "I'm sitting in the theater watching the movie. I'm like, 'Good Lord, this is a piece of sh*t.' But then, all of a sudden, like a giant f***ing spider shows up."

As recently as 2015, Peters maintained that this sequence would have been "amazing."

(Pamela Anderson Photo by Andrea Diodato/NurPhoto via Getty Images & Jon Peter Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)