Pepsi Introduces "Cocoa" Cola, Fans to Determine Release

UPDATE: It's official, Pepsi 'Cocoa' Cola tweet get enough retweets to rush the product into [...]

UPDATE: It's official, Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola tweet get enough retweets to rush the product into production, and according to a new release from Pepsi, should be out early 2021. Our story as it originally appeared can be found below.

'tis the season for new Pepsi flavors, apparently. Weeks after the beverage-maker unveiled its insanely-limited Apple Pie flavor for Thanksgiving, Pepsi is now hoping to roll out a new "Cocoa with Marshmallows" flavor. Hoping is the keyword here as the company only plans to release Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola should its announcement tweet reach 2,021 retweets in honor of the new year.

As of this writing, the tweet's still under 300 RTs, so it still has a ways to go. If you're hoping to see the soft drink come to life, a perfect flavor for the winter season — and not a brilliant marketing slam against its primary competitor whatsoever — you're encouraged to retweet the tweet below.

"There is nothing more classic than hot cocoa on a winter day, but this year has been anything but typical" Pepsi marketing head Todd Kaplan said in a press release. "So why not bring together the delicious taste of a Pepsi with the delicious, wintery taste of chocolate and marshmallow and bring some unexpected joy to our fans this season? We are confident we nailed Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola and can't wait to get this in the hands of cola fans this winter."

Unlike Pepsi Apple Pie, Pepsi "Cocoa" Cola looks to be setting itself for a wide release should the tweet reach its target goal. Only 1,500 two-liter bottles of the Thanksgiving drink were released, and they're all now fetching a premium price on the secondary market.

"Failing at baking - especially this year - is nothing to be ashamed of, and we're celebrating those amateur bakers that are truly trying their best during a unique holiday season," Kaplan said in a separate statement last month. "With Pepsi Apple Pie, we're providing a refreshingly delicious twist on the traditional slice of apple pie, while making sure people have some fun and don't take themselves too seriously in the process."